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Financial & Insurance
  • 1.  Core Insurance
  • 2.  Customer Service Omnichannel
  • 3.  Telemarketing
  • 4.  Commission & Benefit
  • 5.  Customer & Agent Portal
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Customer Service & Marketing (Onebox)
  • 1.  Contact Center & Trouble Ticket Omnichannel
  • (Phone, Email, FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Mobile + Website)
  • API Omnichannel
  • BPO Customer Service
  • 2.  Outbound : Telesurvey, Telemarketing
  • 3.  Prospect Management
  • 4.  Customer & Coorporate Portal
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Goverment (Smart City)
  • 1.  Framework Smartcity
  • Datawarehouse & Dashboard
  • Public Service (Information & Complain Center)
  • Single Window (integration of services & information in Smart Portal/Website/Mobile)
  • 2.  Roadmap Innovation
  • 3.  Innovation in Health, Education, Social, Research and Development, Human Resources, Queuing System, Discominfo Governance.
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Years Of Experience!

Ciptadra Softindo

“We are here to help people and organizations to increase their sales, transforms the way they operate, make their work easier, increase their efficiency, and support a better decision making.”




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We call this new technology as a challenge. Our engineers keep learning to create a ully integrated solution and make it easy for you.


Our Services

We have developed smart, technology-enabled solution to solve our clients toughest challenge. Our clients come from wide range of organizations, we have worked for government, private sector, banking & insurance also telecommunication

  • Portal/Website Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Innovation Roadmap
  • Custome Development
  • BPO Customer Service
  • API Omnichannel
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PT Asuransi Cigna (Cigna), perusahaan asuransi pilihan yang menyediakan produk dan layanan terbaik terkait kesehatan den...

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AXA Mandiri Melesat Melalui Te...

Meskipun kondisi perekonomian dan bisnis tahun lalu melemah, yang diwarnai keterpurukan sektor finansial, perusahaan asu...

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