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Telesales & Telemarketing Bussiness

TBSS has been used by multi-national companies and used abroad, proved to be stable used by more than 400 agents simultaneously, integrated with PABX solution. TBSS consist of product setup module, campaign setup, leads management (assignment, pull, block, delete), target management; call management (call gudie, product knowledge, appointment), wallboard, telemarketing reporting for monitoring sales performance, and team performance/agent.


TBSS Features

  • Supported by experienced engineers
    • Engineer have knowledge insurance, banking product & Telemarketing.
  • User Friendly
    • Telesales officer use one screen for any activities.
    • Telesales officer have complete facility to help follow-up prospects.
  • Large Database Capacity
    • Our Solution tested for large database (> 3.000.000 prospect/record).
  • Multilingual Support
    • Our Solution support for multilingual and Unicode (Thai , Simplicity Chinese, Kanji …).
    • Ready to implementation to regional / international.
  • Local Solution : Easy for customization, modification, enhancement, and maintenance.
    • Low cost, minimum development time.
  • Robust
    • Our solution has been implemented in various infrastructure.
    • Citibank, Integrated with screen scraping.
    • Cigna Indonesia, Axa Mandiri Integrated with Avaya CTI/PABX.
    • Integrated with erint voice recording.
    • Cigna Thailand integrated with payment gateway and CTI (IPPBX, assemble pro).
    • Cigna Indonesia, Hongkong integrated with UW questionnaire.
    • Cigna Thailand integrated with payment gateway.
    • Axa Mandiri Integrated with Avaya CTI, Verint.
  • Provide almost every aspect of insurance & banking product and telemarketing proces

TBSS Modules

  • Product Management
    • Upload Product.
    • Product setup parameter.
    • Product profile, product description , Attachment.
  • Campaign management
    • Campaign Setup (name, period,product , ..).
    • Parameterize for Call Script/Call guide , Call Result.
    • Call mode Preview / Progressive.
  • Upload Data Prospect
    • Field Mapping, upload data, Data validation / Cleansing.
    • Split area by Phone Area, Zip Code, Branch.
  • Target Management.
  • Assignment management (Leads Management)
    • Team Assignment with filter criteria.
    • Telesales Officer/agent Assignment.
    • Rotation Assignment (Re-assignment).
    • Block, Pull, Delete Campaign.
    • Request & approval Management.
  • Call management
    • List of campaign , prospect.
    • Preview & Progressive Dial (integrated with CTI).
    • View info product , call guide , summary result.
    • Historical Prospect (History Call status & duration, History Product).
    • Appointment (With Auto Reminder).
    • Email , Fax
    • Entry data customer (if interest) , UW Questioner.
    • Call result summary.
  • Prospect Management
    • Prospect Inquiry , Prospect /New Business Download.
  • QA
    • New Business Review (QA).
    • Edit SPA.
    • Call prospect.
    • Send back to Agent.
    • Play Voice Recording (depends on PABX/voice recording compatibility).