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#Simplify Your Works With Our Solution.

About Us

Ciptadra Softindo was founded in 1999. Our team graduated from reputable educational institutions and some of them are Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists.

Ciptadra Softindo has hundreds of portfolios in the field of innovation and has been proven to help increase productivity, revenue, efficiency, improve work culture & customer satisfaction


Indra Gilang Wibawa

CEO of PT Ciptadra Softindo


23 years of dedication in delivering and implementing innovation company, is not enough for us to continue to learn and spread greater benefits to our valued customers in particular, and to Indonesia in general. We are committed to continuously improve our work culture, knowledge & competence. So in that way, our products and services will be better than before

We are proud to be a part of your success. Increasing sales volume, helping to achieve efficiencies, bringing better service to your business, making work simpler & fun, and sharing win-win solutions that keep everyone happy will always be our goal. We summarize it in our tagline

#Simplify Your Works With Our Solution.

Warm Regards,
From the CEO of PT Ciptadra Softindo

We have developed smart, technology-enabled solution to solve our clients toughest challenge. Our clients come from wide range of organizations, we have worked for government, private sector, banking & insurance also telecommunication

  • Portal/Website Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Innovation Roadmap
  • Custome Development
  • BPO Customer Service
  • API Omnichannel

We call this new technology as a challenge. Our engineers keep learning to create a fully integrated solution and make it easy for you. During our + 23 years of work, the following areas of competency that we have could be a solution for you are :

  • System development, Microsoft and PHP specialist, currently we have six Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.
  • System Integrator.
  • Datawarehouse/BI/Dashboard.
  • Mobile Solution.
  • GIS + Google Map.
  • Telemetry.
  • Integrasi PABX (CTI).
  • Sensor Telemetry.
  • PM/Workflow Management.

We called it Organic Growth Strategy

Business expansion due to increasing overall customer base, increased output per customer or representative, new sales or any combination of the above.

  • Proactively contribute to the advantages of national information technology development.
  • Providing a professional service, with customer satifaction as top priority.
  • Develop solutions and innovations to the private sector and government.
  • Completing each job with high quality in a timely manner.
  • Provide a positive value for partner.
  • Continual team-improvement.