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Contact Center Omnichannel

Onebox CRM helps better through Omnichannel (Phone, Email, Social Media, Whatsapp, Webchat, etc.), increasing sales and increasing productivity.

Increase sales, improve service and client satisfaction is a function of ONEBOX CRM. Communication with prospects and customers utilizing SMS, Phone, and Email can be done quickly. ONEBOX CRM is integrated with contact center services.

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  • Contact Center & Management Ticket
  • Customer Feedback & Broadcast
  • Customer & Coorporate Portal
  • Management Prospect
  • API Omnichannel
  • Chat Bot Service
  • Media monitoring, monitors perceptions of program organizations, products from online mass media, social media and news from regions/branch offices

Benefits Of Using ONEBOX CRM For Your Company:

  • Improve services
    • Ease of recording, monitoring and settling of complaints, assignments, and problems.
    • Reveal various type of problems that often occur.
    • Ease of evaluating, recording on level of service, performance, existing problems that will become input of decision making.
  • Increase sales.
  • Increase productivity, work culture
    • Costumer service response time (SLA) is measurable.
    • Performance of each PIC/person/unit is more measurable.
    • Contact center, public relations, technical units is integrated as single application and used as tool for improve service and ease of work.
  • Monitoring of public opinion of the organization from online news, social media is easily obtained for the work program