#Simplify Your Works With Our Solution.

The Commision and Benefit

Bright, Sistem komisi dan tunjangan memberi Anda fleksibilitas dalam menetapkan formula untuk setiap posisi pekerjaan. Rumus ini diparameterisasi. Melakukan perhitungan cepat sesuai dengan rumus yang telah ditetapkan. Terdapat fitur penyesuaian yang menghasilkan slip penuh dengan nilai kinerja setiap agen.


Management Agent

  • Entry of New Agent
  • Promotions
  • Demosi
  • Historical Note Agent (Type of record can be flexible)
  • Sales History
  • Training Management



  • Product Setup
  • Product Position
  • Mutation Setup / Movement
  • Setup constants
  • Compensation Components Setup
  • User Management


Management Formula

  • To setup a flexible formula for predefined constants for the benefits and compensation components of each particular position.


Data Preparation

Module to prepare data eraser relevant constant with a formula for each agent. Example :

  • Calculate override
  • Calculate the large number of policies sold
  • Policy Value sold

Auto Calculation

Modules that perform the calculation formula for each data policies and premium payment data for each agent and the relevant hierarchy.


Approval Management

  • This module is required to validate the data that is uploaded on a particular period.
  • This module is required to validate the information that has been calculated at a certain periode.


Upload Data

In addition to compensation & Benefit calculated based on premiums, Override taken from the back office system can accept other components by way of input or uploaded, these types of components such as:

  • Allowance
  • Medical cost reduction
  • Cut off the commission because the policy
  • Advance commission
  • Installment loans / loan

The information entered into the database: employee number, type of component, value (in dollars), period (month + year)
Results will be uploaded this component and will look at e-slip can be seen in the application/portal.


This module is used if there is an error on data component/constants of the agent or group of agents, Adjustment done by editing the data in a way to edit.


Analysis & Reporting

This module is issued information routinely to the needs,
designed according to the required format output examples:

  • E-SLIP
  • Productivity Report
  • Hierarchy agent

Benefits Of Using BRIGHT For Your Company

  • Every month, load, busyness and complexity to calculate the Compensation and Benefit will be much reduced.
  • Will have a flexible solution tools with all the changes that have been predicted.
  • Calculation process will be much faster than before.
  • Ease of analysis.
  • Has practical and informative reporting system.
  • Having a database as needed.

BRIGHT Features

  • The application has a high flexibility
    • Position Additions, Changes Product Hierarchy.
    • Addition / reduction component / Driver.
    • Formula changes and urbanization rate% and the condition.
  • WEB-based, ease of maintenance and deployment.
  • Using Report Service tools, easy to manage access rights, according to user profile in Windows environment.
  • Concept & Architecture Applications tested (N-tier).
  • Has Upload facility to additional information for the allowance, decrease medical costs, decrease the commission because of the cancellation policy, advance commissions, and installment loans / loan.
  • Approval Facilities Management.
  • Calculation and Simulation Facility regenerate facility re-calculation (by a particular user with certain conditions).
  • Data Download facilities in accordance with the desired criteria (this facility can be done for a particular user).
  • Ease of integration with Agent Portal which will be made by AXA.
  • Audit Trail, all the position changes, Formula, adjustment benefits & compensation value will be recorded in the Log File.