Complete Fixed Assets Tracking & Management System



FAMS is the complete asset tracking & management software for controlling all aspects of an asset's life cycle from purchase to disposal. FAMS is not just about assets; our modular system covers everything for purchasing, asset handover, fixed asset utilization, mutation, maintenance monitoring, depreciation and elimination of fixed asset.

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Benefits Of Using FAMS For Your Company

  • Provide centered database, ease of consolidate every branch office.
  • Accuracy of fixed assets on administrational, technical, financial level.
  • Ease of managing and monitoring: record, maintenance, depressiation, mutation, correction, assets deletion, revaluation, and utilization.
  • Availability of information for the needs of both internal and external stakeholders (management, financial, taxes, audit, etc)
  • Ease of integrating with other system such as financial, procurement, IT through web service.
  • Easy, complete, accurate, and fast in generating reports.

FAMS Features

  • Ease of deploying and maintaining (web based), can be accessed from branch office.
  • Ease of using, complete features and modules.
  • Completeness of contact data information/attributes, technical specification data, includes asset photo attachment if needed.
  • Application can be used by multi branch offices.
  • Security features:
    • Login & password system.
    • Authority of data for every unit.
    • Authority of process for every unit.
    • All changes of data will be recorded in assets history.
    • Authority of data and process(procurement, budgeting, management).
  • ¬†Flexible and paramaterize system for catalog, work unit, location, COA mapping.
  • Ease to use analytic tools such as table pivot in xls.
  • Availability of notification via email (i.e, expired contract).
  • Availability of barcode print out and QR code.

FAMS Modules

  • Project Management/Procurement Contract
  • Fixed Assets Listing (Activation)
  • Assets Mutation (Office, Location, Specification Mutation)
  • Assets Maintenance
  • Assets Depreciation
  • Assets Deletion
  • Revaluation
  • Utilization
  • Assets Completion
  • Inventory
  • Dashboard & Analysis

FAMS Reports

  • Reports
  • List of assets
  • Office/Department mutation
  • Location mutation
  • Specification mutation
  • Maintenance
  • Revaluation
  • Assets removal
  • Assets depreciation
  • Depreciation per account and department

FAMS Screenshots