Quick Calculation Reporting & Analysis



The commission and benefit system gives you flexibility in setting formula for each job position. This formula is parameterized. Doing a quick calculation in accordance with the formula thas has been set. There is an adjustment feature, producing a full slip with performance value for each agent.

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Benefits Of Using BRIGHT For Your Company

  • Every month, load, busyness and complexity to calculate the Compensation and Benefit will be much reduced.
  • Will have a flexible solution tools with all the changes that have been predicted.
  • Calculation process will be much faster than before.
  • Ease of analysis.
  • Has practical and informative reporting system.
  • Having a database as needed.

Management Agent

  • Entry of New Agent
  • Promotions
  • Demosi
  • Historical Note Agent (Type of record can be flexible)
  • Sales History
  • Training Management


  • Product Setup
  • Product Position
  • Mutation Setup / Movement
  • Setup constants
  • Compensation Components Setup
  • User Management

Management Formula

  • To setup a flexible formula for predefined constants for the benefits and compensation components of each particular position.

Data Preparation

Module to prepare data eraser relevant constant with a formula for each agent. Example :

  • Calculate override
  • Calculate the large number of policies sold
  • Policy Value sold

Auto Calculation

Modules that perform the calculation formula for each data policies and premium payment data for each agent and the relevant hierarchy.

Approval Management

  • This module is required to validate the data that is uploaded on a particular period.
  • This module is required to validate the information that has been calculated at a certain period.

Upload Data

In addition to compensation & Benefit calculated based on premiums, Override taken from the back office system can accept other components by way of input or uploaded, these types of components such as:

  • Allowance
  • Medical cost reduction
  • Cut off the commission because the policy
  • Advance commission
  • Installment loans / loan

The information entered into the database: employee number, type of component, value (in dollars), period (month + year) Results will be uploaded this component and will look at e-slip can be seen in the application/portal.


This module is used if there is an error on data component/constants of the agent or group of agents, Adjustment done by editing the data in a way to edit.

Analysis & Reporting

This module is issued information routinely to the needs, designed according to the required format output examples:

  • E-SLIP
  • Productivity Report
  • Hierarchy agent

BRIGHT Features

  • The application has a high flexibility
    • Position Additions, Changes Product Hierarchy.
    • Addition / reduction component / Driver.
    • Formula changes and urbanization rate% and the condition.
  • WEB-based, ease of maintenance and deployment.
  • Using Report Service tools, easy to manage access rights, according to user profile in Windows environment.
  • Concept & Architecture Applications tested (N-tier).
  • Has Upload facility to additional information for the allowance, decrease medical costs, decrease the commission because of the cancellation policy, advance commissions, and installment loans / loan.
  • Approval Facilities Management.
  • Calculation and Simulation Facility regenerate facility re-calculation (by a particular user with certain conditions).
  • Data Download facilities in accordance with the desired criteria (this facility can be done for a particular user).
  • Ease of integration with Agent Portal which will be made by AXA.
  • Audit Trail, all the position changes, Formula, adjustment benefits & compensation value will be recorded in the Log File.