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Four Reasons Why Should Invest In Asset Management System

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Here are four reasons you should ask yourself why you need to invest in asset management system to track fixed assets: 1. Your fixed assets should secure You obviously don’t want your fixed assets lost or stolen, don’t you? If you aware exact location and status of your fixed assets, you can get many benefits such […]

10 Questions To Help You Decide IF Your Organization Needs A CRM System

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So how does an organisation know if it needs a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Surprisingly, there is no simple answer to this. The deployment of CRM solutions in organisations both small and large has become so widespread, that to stay competitive, it is essential that at least some form of system is in place […]

Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Customer Service In 2015

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In the future customer service will become increasingly savvy about how to deal with issues early on, even preventing them. Mobile technology, sensors and voice recognition will allow companies to communicate with the customer and add value in new ways. However most companies just aren’t there yet. They’re still figuring out social support. So as […]

Cigna Perkokoh Telemarketing Untuk Tetap Memimpin Affinity Business

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PT Asuransi Cigna (Cigna), perusahaan asuransi pilihan yang menyediakan produk dan layanan terbaik terkait kesehatan dengan reputasi tinggi, membuka akses ke call center yang merupakan pusat divisi telemarketing-nya kepada media.  Bagi Cigna, telemarketing adalah usaha distribusi penjualan produk-produk asuransi yang dikelola secara serius karena merupakan dasar dan fokus dari bisnis perusahaan. Guna memperkokoh kemampuan perusahaan, […]

AXA Mandiri Melesat Melalui Telesales Dan Telemarketing

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Meskipun kondisi perekonomian dan bisnis tahun lalu melemah, yang diwarnai keterpurukan sektor finansial, perusahaan asuransi AXA Mandiri tetap mencatat kinerja fantastis. Premi bisnis baru yang diperoleh tahun 2009 diperkirakan melonjak 100 persen. Tahun 2008, perolehan premi bisnis baru (annualised new business) AXA Mandiri sekitar Rp 572 miliar. Diluncurkannya program telemarketing dan produk syariah tahun 2009 […]

Indonesia Welcomes The 2015 GNOME.Asia Summit

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GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 will be held May 7 – 9 2015 in the beautiful city of Depok, Indonesia. The Universitas Indonesia computer science faculty in conjunction with GNU/Linux Bogor have submitted the winning bid. Asia Summit 2015 Local Organizers: GNU/Linux Bogor GNU/Linux Bogor (GLiB) is a community or movement in the field of Information and […]