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Vessel management system

Lighthouse VMS is vessel management system for planning, maintenance, survey & risk, monitoring, alerts, and sailing history.


Lighthouse VMS

Vessel management system is an optimized product for vessel management operations including planned, maintenance (reminder), maintence history, survey, and risk measurement, real-time position monitoring, alerts (email notification), and sailing history capabilities.

Benefits Of Using LIGHTHOUSE VMS For Your Company

  • Availability of complete vessel information database.
  • Availability of license deadline reminder system, survey schedule/results of the survey findings and maintenance.
  • Describes the overall vessel condition with the level of risk and claim/damages history.
  • Having a vessel survey management.
  • Knowing the last position of vessel and travel history.


  • Completeness of profile and attribute ship information.
  • Independency and flexibility of main attribute profile.
  • Integrated solution
    • Owners and crews profile.
    • Relevant documents, files, and videos.
    • Ship license/letter.
    • Vessel tracking.
    • Maintenance history.
    • Risk level of the ship.
    • Survey management.
  • Ease of use, web based application.
  • Easy to develop.
  • Mobile support.
  • Can be used by various users, such as ship owners, tenants/users, surveyors, insurances, and government.


  • Data and information vessels management, which consists of:
    • Vessel profile (master data).
    • History of vessel ownership and vessel usage data.
  • Letter & vessel license
    • Data/information related to correspondence, licenses, certifications of vessel, which are periodically issued by the authority.
    • Manual or automatic follow up of data/information which issued by the authority for the owner, operator or other third parties.
  • Risk survey data and information  management, include:
    • Risk data and information also its status.
    • Follow up results of the survey and its status.
    • Risk mitigation data and information management, include:
      • Follow up surveyor document.
      • Policies insurance history.
      • Claim history.
  • Reminder on the following matters:
    • Vessel status (certification, license).
    • Surveyor document status.
    • Insurance policy status.
    • Risk mitigation status.
    • Insurance claims status.
    • Reminder can be done via e-mail and sms.
  • Vessel maintenance history.
  • Vessel position and its history.
  • Photos & Videos.
  • Report management
    • History report.
    • Vessel status.
    • Vessel profile/vessel list.
    • Reports related to vessel survey/inspection:
      • List of Risk Register.
  • Reports related to the risk mitigation:
    • Risk event summary (by vessel type and inspection year).
    • Risk priority per risk event.
    • Risk factor.
  • Graphs and charts:
    • Risk event summary chart.
    • Risk priority number chart.
    • Risk factor summary chart.
  • Report, inquiry, and the chart mentioned also some additional reports and other inquiry, with no more than 20 types of reports and inquiries.