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Layanan Omnichannel

Multi Channel Single Inbox, Multi Task Single Monitoring


Increase sales, improve service and client satisfaction is a function of ONEBOX CRM. Communication with prospects and customers utilizing SMS, Phone, and Email can be done quickly. ONEBOX CRM is integrated with contact center services.

ONEBOX - Task Management System
Increase productivity, culture of work and competitiveness. Complaint from customers, assignment, services will be organized, measured and well monitored. Every type of task the period can be determined (SLA) and PIC. Notification available for : assignment, progress history equipped with due date calendar to PIC / supervisor to do the monitoring easily.

Benefits Of Using ONEBOX CRM For Your Company:

  • Improve services
    • Ease of recording, monitoring and settling of complaints, assignments, and problems.
    • Reveal various type of problems that often occur.
    • Ease of evaluating, recording on level of service, performance, existing problems that will become input of decision making.
  • Increase sales.
  • Increase productivity, work culture
    • Costumer service response time (SLA) is measurable.
    • Performance of each PIC/person/unit is more measurable.
    • Contact center, public relations, technical units is integrated as single application and used as tool for improve service and ease of work.
  • Monitoring of public opinion of the organization from online news, social media is easily obtained for the work program


  • Web-based, easy to install and maintenance.
  • Handling of multi-channel communication/media (SMS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, telephone) in single screen and application.
  • Easy to use:
    • Simple screen with easy navigation.
    • Agent activity is integrated in single screen.
    • Manager/Supervisor activity in single screen.
    • Complete customer recognizing facilities including Facebook profile.
    • Easy and quick response to serve customers.
    • Response and resolution time is measurable.
  • Easy to monitor performance:
    • Agent/employee/team/unit.
    • Classification of problem solving/complaint details.
      Sales & marketing.
    • Availability of informative dashboard for call center, inbox, complaint and assignment.
  • Easy to integrate with other system to display customers, transactions, and information which needed by customers / prospectives database (through iframe or API/Web service).
  • Application is integrated with customer service, IPPBX, task management, knowledge center, marketing and survey service.
  • Easy and quick to generate reports.

Modules - Customer Service

“Serving requests of information, complaints of customer and prospective customers through multi channel: telephone, sms, e-mail, walk-in (customer service), twitter, and facebook in a single integrated database and system. Integrated with task management, knowledge center, and customers database. With main goal to improve service, trust and competitiveness.

The system provides information of customer service officers activity in real time, service of full consolidated report, and communication that occurs on all channels with complete status and provide information about what happened following the status and level of service (performance).”

Modules - Task Management

Task management in several places often mentioned as trouble ticket, complaints + assignment system, case management, and in government environment is used as disposition system. Disposition system is an application to record, perform grouping, monitor and resolve the case such as a demand/customer complaints/prospects follow up, assignment from a supervisor, where in each case there are information of resource, PIC, description, target, status and history.

Product and location of case is also allowed to be recorded through multi channel and assigned to person who in charged. In order to complete task management, system provides information of customer profile, settlement progress history, communication log, and knowledge center. Notification of task management assignment and progress is also available through e-mail, and available on mobile version (android) so it can be followed up from outside of office, ideal for executives and field workers, equipped with SLA monitoring system, so performance can easily be seen.
With main goal to improve services, performance, and competitiveness.

Modules - Marketing

Perform proactive marketing to increase sales by doing broadcast information services, promotes via email, sms, social media and telephone(telemarketing).

Marketing service is integrated with customer service, so marketing history will be available to the customer service when contacting prospects. Segment selector is availabe when doing marketing so right on target.